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Bush Bikes!

You’ve probably seen a lot of bikes before, but how about these?

In April 2008 I visited Zambia to see World Bicycle Relief in action. Before I left I’d already seen pictures of the bicycle that World Bicycle Relief has developed to survive the harshest conditions.

Quite frankly, it looked a little ‘clunky’ to my eyes, which are more used to seeing a parade of expensive carbon fibre bikes coming through our office for test riding.

But nothing could have prepared me for seeing the local alternatives. Many bikes in Africa come from India. Indian bikes can’t compete in wealthy countries because their quality is too low and their technology is too outdated.

The all steel, ‘bullet proof’ World Bicycle Relief bike is also made in India. It’s actually more expensive than a low end aluminium framed bicycle from China, but in the African bush, there is virtually no chance of an aluminium framed bicycle being repaired when it breaks. They just don’t have the appropriate welding equipment. (more…)


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