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If you’re a regular reader of Bicycling Australia, you may have noticed previous stories about the work of World Bicycle Relief.

During April/May 2008 I spent a week in Zambia, studying the operations of World Bicycle Relief.

My first field trip during that visit was to see a Community School in the Chongwe District, about an hour’s drive east of the capital, Lusaka.

Our hosts were Catherine and Peter from the Zambian Ministry of Education. This government department runs hundreds of schools across Zambia. Although the schools may look basic by developed nation standards, they generally have good sized classrooms and trained, paid teachers.

Unfortunately, this level of government funding does not extend into the poorer rural areas. This is where 482 Community Schools across the nation step into the breach.

As the name suggests, these schools are started and funded by the local community members—but when those communities consist of subsistence farmers earning less than one dollar per day, the meaning of ‘funding’ is different from our concept of the word. (more…)


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